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  • Took the Mama Robin Upcycles experience on the road for a couple of Old Home Day shows.

  • The first was Goffstown's "Old Gnome Day" which took place on May 13th. It was a beautiful day and quite successful. I sold a number of doormats, a few smaller rugs, and a tote or two. There were a lot of great conversations and encouragement from the community for this project.

  • The second show was at Weare's Old Home Day on August 12th. Another gorgeous, albeit a quite breezy day. While the effort yielded no sales, there was a lot of interest and encouragement for the project. I donated a 2' oblong rug to the Weare Historical Society raffle table, I hope it brought in a bunch of tickets for them. 

  • As of today, September 17th, I am working on a 4' round rug to enter at the big Deerfield Fair Arts and Craft tent, just to see what happens. If I score a ribbon, that would be an amazing feather in the nest. But if not, I figure it will be great exposure for the Mama Robin Upcycles project, hopefully inspiring others to create neat things with items quite often discarded without a thought.

  • Another awesome thing, is that the Green Thumb Garden Center in Goffstown is selling Mama Robin doormats on consignment. Much of the proceeds, as always, will benefit local charities.

  • By the end of November, I plan on cutting checks to two or three causes. Also plan on creating an online store on this website as well as possibly one on Etsy. Just trying to bulk up my inventory before I get too ahead of myself.

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